Scrap: Spent Brass Shell Casings, Links & Magazine Clips Online Auction

LANL Brass Casings

Start Date: Friday, June 13, 2014 at 12:00 AM MST

End Date: Monday, June 23, 2014 at 7:00 PM MST

Location: 4900 Pan American Freeway NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109

Sale Type: Online – Internet Only – Time Auction

Bidding Option:

  1. Bid online “after” completing necessary required paperwork. (Click Here)

Note: Prior to Online Absentee Bidding (Bentley’s Website) OR Live Internet Bidding (Live Auction World), each bidder will be required to submit a complete Credit Card Authorization Form for each auction.

Description: This online auction is one (1) lot, which consists of 55 and 75 gallon drums of spent brass shell casings, links and magazine clips. The spent brass shell casings (once fired) weigh approximately 31,978 gross pounds, while the links weigh approximately 5,071 gross pounds and the magazine clips weigh approximatley 286 gross pounds. Bentley’s received the barrels and reweighed each barrel. The discrepancy in weight was due to water which we tried to drain by poking a hole into the bottom of the barrel.


Auction Notes: There will be one lot consisting of 37,810+/- gross pounds in 52 barrels. The lot consists of the following:

Line #Barrel #WeightTypeBarrel SizeBentley’s WeightPN / PS
2017004055 gal698G-286
2928304075 gal827G-288
49311104075 gal1076G-289
4460030855 gal599G-322
1857704055 gal738G-285
5169004075 gal893G-290
1577904055 gal789G-284
19812744075 gal1205G-287
1795904055 gal590G-283
4710116055675 gal1024G-312
461147055655 gal467G-314
411262055655 gal621G-313
3313100055675 gal801G-316
71493055675 gal927G-315
231567555675 gal678G-317
221679055675 gal756G-320
11764055655 gal513G-280
371895255675 gal937G-321
619111055675 gal1017G-282
252055555655 gal556G-318
22160022355 gal606G-281
242283555655 gal712G-319
522363076255 gal630G-291
432493076275 gal933G-292
162594076275 gal940G-295
392695076275 gal889G-294
442761576255 gal616G-293
3628100076275 gal985G-296
3529103076275 gal878G-297
3130106076275 gal1024G-272
3431102576275 gal936G-271
3032100076275 gal933G-273
263394576275 gal884G-275
453493076275 gal827G-277
53593076275 gal814G-278
213680076275 gal657G-276
4837540Link75 gal475G-311
3238101576275 gal921G-299
383995076275 gal855G-298
34061076255 gal575G-279
4241375Link55 gal352G-309
5042580Link75 gal560G-310
4043550Link75 gal546G-308
1144610Link75 gal588G-303
1445320Link55 gal316G-305
2746590Link75 gal589G-307
1347560Link75 gal586G-306
948310Magazine Clips75 gal286G-304
124965076255 gal651G-274
1050620Link55 gal372G-302
851570Link75 gal565G-301
2852650Link75 gal597G-300

By Appointment Only

Special Note: The once fired, spent brass, small arms cartridge offered for sale in this online auction, are ammunition components, and as such are subject to the control act of 1968, (title 18, us code, 921, et seq), and any regulation issued pursuant to the act. 

Registration / Disposal Fee: No Registration Fee

Registration / Bidding Requirements: To be eligible to bid and participate, potential bidders must be of legal age to purchase and/or sell ammunition components, be a legal resident of the United States. By registering and submitting his/her bid, the successful bidder understands and agrees to hold harmless, and indemnify Bentley & Associates, LLC and the government against any and all liability, claims and cost of whatsoever kind and/or nature, for injury to or death of any person or persons, and for loss of or damage to any property, occurring in connection with incident to, or arising out of the occupancy, use, service, operations, or performance of work under the terms of the contract, created as a result of this sale, from the negligent acts of the successful bidder. Required for this sale is either a copy of the bidder’s firearms dealer’s license, certifying that he/she will comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations concerning ammunition components, or a signed copy of the statement of intent. The statement affirms that ammunition components will not be used for the original manufactured purpose.

Buyer’s Premium: 15% ~ 5% Cash Discount ~ 2% Discount for PayPal

Tax: Albuquerque, New Mexico Bernalillo County ~ 7.00%

Payment Type: Cash, Cashier’s Check, Check w/ Bank Letter of Guarantee, Wire Transfer – $ 25.00 Fee, Credit Cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa), PayPal

Payment Date: Close of Business Month xx, 2014 (If Bentley’s has NOT received payment for the winning bids within 24 hours of the FINAL payment date, the bidder authorizes Bentley’s to charge liquidated damages to the credit card left on file during the registration process.)


  • Monday, June 23 – Friday, June 27, 2014  9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Storage Fees: All Absentee / Internet Bidders will have until the following Friday after the auction to have their items picked or shipped, otherwise $ 2.00 per square foot per day storage fees will apply.

Terms & Conditions (click):

Sale Currency: United States Dollars – USD

Shipping: Shipping is available for this auction. We ship UPS Ground and UPS Freight. Packaging and Handling Fees are additional and will be added to the invoice for this service.

Bentley’s Packaging & Handling Fees (click):


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